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Korean Fabric Mouth Face Mask PM2.5 Anti Haze/Anti dust Pollution mouth mask Respirator With Carbon Filter Respirator Black Mask

Package:  2 x Fashion Mouth Mask + 10 X Filter paper
Applicable Gender: Neutral (male / female)
Function: against PM2.5, anti-fog and haze, industrial anti-pollution, anti-vehicle exhaust, dust, secondhand smoke, pollen allergy, Cold Keep warm, etc
1,After wearing the mask, adjustable nose piece according to each person different nose shape to get fit with the face, so that the sealing effect is better, and the user wearing the glasses can effectively reduce the fogging after adjustment.
2,Breath valve design, The same position alternates twice, it reduces heat and moisture accumulation
3, the adjustable size of elastic earloop, so that more comfortable to wear comfortable.
4, the next along the intimate U-shaped design, increase the mouth and jaw comfort and sealing, does not affect the language of communication
5, insert the 5 layer filter PM2.5 filter (come with 2pcs PM2.5 Filter paper)
6, plug-in design
7, Soft, warm, good moisture permeability and wicking effect, it keeps the face dry and comfortable, lasting effect.
1, plug-in filter can not be cleaned, it is usually replaced once every 7-10 days. If the air pollution is serious, replace it once every 3-5days.
2, the filter oil on the film or with sticky sediment stains are more, please replace the filter.
3, the air does not flow, poor breathing or sleep, the prohibition of use
4, children under the age of two prohibited the use of

Cleaning method:
1, plug-in filter can not be cleaned .
2, the proposed neutral detergent with water diluted, put the mask into the water(remove the filter), hand gently rub, dry in the airy shade
3, do not long soak in the washing liquid or water, to avoid the use of bleach
4, please arrange the cleaning cycle according to the use of the general recommendations 1-2 week cleaning time.
Prevention measures of infection desease
1. Reduce outdoor activities as much as possible
2.Wear a mask once you are outside your home
3.Personal Protection and Hand Hygiene
4.Don't go near hospitals unless it's absolutly necessary
5.Frequently open the windows of your house for better ventilation.
6.Do not spit. Wrap your oral and nasal secretion with tissue and throw it in a covered dustbin.
7.Balance your nutrition and exercise moderately.
8. Prepare thermometer, surgical or N95 masks, domestic disinfectant and other supplies at home.
9.Do not spit. Wrap your oral and nasal secretion with tissue and throw it in a covered dustbin.

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